Daegeum Jajinhannip, Manpajeongsikjigok - JoonYoung Kim - Geomungo Sanzo - SACD
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cd cover JongJin Hong
Daegeum Jajinhannip, Manpajeongsikjigok (AkdangEban, Korea)
(cdRoots code akd-609)

Traditional music for the Korean daegeum, a large, traditional bamboo flute.


This recording is an excellent, high quality presentation, produced to very high recording standards and issued as an SACD. It will also play on any standard CD player. English notes are included in the detailed and beautiful booklet.


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The Daegeum is one of the three bamboo flutes that originated during the Silla Dynasty (57 BC 935 AD), including the Junggeum (medium-sized flutes), and the Sogeum (small flutes). The Daegeum is the largest, measuring nearly three-feet long. In addition to the six finger holes there is an extra hole covered with a thin membrane called a cheong." This bamboo film membrane gives the Daegeum its unique tonal qualities, namely its piercing attacks and mellow, nasal, buzzing sound.

For this recording, Hong JongJin has selected a program of music from the Jeongak repertoire. Jeongak (literally "proper music" or "elegant music") was the music of the aristocracy and literati and was played at royal palaces, public offices and Pungryubang, the private music clubs where noblemen enjoyed themselves singing songs and playing instruments. Jeongak is the embodiment of Confucian aesthetics: balance, restraint, simplicity and the perfect articulation of every tone. Hong's delicate ornaments and superbly controlled tonal shadings are the musical equivalent of an exquisite scroll of ancient calligraphy.

Hong JongJin has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards throughout his career and is the designated holder of Intangible Cultural Property No. 20 for Daegeum Jeongak. In addition to being a recognized authority on Korean traditional music, Hong is a frequent collaborator with many contemporary artists and ensembles, including the critically acclaimed avant garde Geomungo player Jin Hi Kim and the International New Music Consortium.

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