Sväng - Uusi Huuliharppuyhtye - New Harmonica Quartet - CD
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cd cover Sväng
Sväng (Aito)

Uusi Huuliharppuyhtye (The New Harmonica Quartet) called Sväng offers a fresh and unusual take on Finnish folk and popular styles like the tango, and on Balkan, Swedish and completely original folk music, by using only the mouth harp, the harmonica, in forms small and large, the chromatic, diatonic, harmonetta and bass. The musicians - Eero Turkka, Eero Grundström, Pasi Leino and Jouko Kyhälä - are all well repspected in various musical worlds in Finland. Their music runs the gamut from moody to raucous, from the sublime to the comical, from the subtle to the outright jaunty.


  • 1. Jampparaleele (Turkka)
  • 2. Kaipaustango (Turkka)
  • 3. Saaren erakko (M. Maja, arr. Grundström) © Warner/Chappell Music Finland Oy
  • 4. Kurjet (Ismo Alanko) © Ismo Alanko
  • 5. Moara (trad. Romania, arr. Sväng)
  • 6. Tyyskä (trad. Finnish, arr. Grundström)
  • 7. Po Muromskoj Doroshkje ­ Muromskin tiellä (unknown Russian)
  • 8. Sandy boys and Hangman´s reel (trad. USA, arr. Kyhälä/Grundström)
  • 9. Lelita Ioanna (trad. Romanian)
  • 10. Om inte du vill (trad. Swedish, arr. Sväng)
  • 11. Sateen tango (Unto Mononen, arr. Kyhälä/Grundström) © Warner/Chappell Music Finland Oy
  • 12. Svängtime rag (Turkka, arr. Turkka/Grundström)

In the artists' words:
SVÄNG is a refreshing and uplifting new phenomenon in the genre of harmonica bands. The use of harmonica for Finnish folk music has got a totally new direction with sound of SVÄNG.

SVÄNG has its roots deep in the Finnish mentality. The Slavic melancholy meets the joyful rhythmic groove of the Finnish and Nordic folk music tradition. In their music the feel of joy is still ruling.

The harmonica has been important instrument for Finnish folk musicians since the end of 1800´s. Besides of traditional Finnish harmonica style SVÄNG takes influences of music from all around the world. The unique sounding quartet plays Finnish tango and folk music, but also groovy Balkan-style, Swedish hambo as well as old time –fiddle dance tunes and rag time styles appear. Big part of their repertoire is original works by the band members.

The combining element in this unique mixture of styles is the original groove created by the rare chord harmonica Harmonetta and the ultimate low bass harmonica. In the swinging groove the two virtuoso soloists create rich melodies with their diatonic and chromatic harmonicas with a strong, improvising attitude and joy of playing!

The purpose of SVÄNG is to give a new life to the extraordinary sound of harmonica band with music that has never been played by this kind of band before. The debut cd of SVÄNG has successfully captured the fascinating feel of our energetic live performances.

About the musicians:
Eero Turkka - chromatic and diatonic harmonicas
Eero T. started Sväng together with his former teacher Jouko Kyhälä. Eero has composed major part of SVÄNG repertoire. Besides harmonica he plays several other ethnic instruments and sings in multiple bands.

Eero Grundström - chromatic and diatonic harmonicas
Eero G. is also a multi-instrumentalist, composer and true improvisation wizard. Eero is the best known experimental harmonium player in Finland and he appears on multiple cd’s in keyboard and pianist capacity.

Pasi Leino - bass harmonica
Pasi is the grand old man of the Finnish bass harmonica players. He used to play in the famous Raimo Sirkiä harmonica quartet in the 90´s. The group won the European championship of harmonica bands in Trossingen, Germany.

Jouko Kyhälä - chord harmonica “Harmonetta”, chromatic and diatonic harmonicas
Jouko is a teacher of harmonica, improvisation, band work etc. at the Sibelius Academy folk music department. At the moment he is making his doctoral studies of harmonica for the Sibelius Academy music university. In a couple of years he will become the first doctor of harmonica arts in Finland, maybe even in Europe. Jouko appears as a musician and composer in several bands and on over 15 cd´s of different groups.

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