Pekka Lehti and Outo Voima : Sohjo
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Pekka Lehti and Outo Voima
Sohjo (Aito)

The latest from the Finnish bass player expands his last Outo Voima project by creating a more solid ensemble approach, a larger, deeper sound and an unabashed sense of playful energy and dark wit.

Pekka Lehti - double bass
Marko Timonen - percussion
Jouko Kyhälä - harmonium, harmonicas, melodica, claviola, overtone singing and kantele


  1. Zen
  2. Snadina
  3. Artsi
  4. Ite
  5. Jenkka skitsofrenia
  6. Skrubu
  7. Kumma
  8. Kultaranta
This is an album of danger and smokey desire, with just enough nostalgia thrown in to tug at the heartstrings. Unforgettable. Fiona Talkington-BBC

At times Sohjo flounders sympathically through the thaw, occasionally a breath of hopeful spring air sneaks in. Helsingin Sanomat- Pirkko Kotirinta

The incredibly idiosyncratic and twistedly pop sound of the trio is definitely one of the most interesting things in the Finnish music scene. You cannot easily box this sound in any genre. **** Soundi- Jussi Niemi

The album builds up to an excellent and distinctive totality. Friiti- Terhi Kero

Vision of the whole has been very good . Muusikko-lehti- Pekka Nissila

This instrumental record manages to be intensive, light, deep and humoristic-all at the same time. Rytmi-musiikki- Teemu Virtanen

Lehti together with his companions have created an enchanting world of tunes on their own and we are talking about a very interesting and intimate cd here. Pelimanni- Hannu Virtanen

Listening to this the interest of the listener is kept up all the way from the beginning to the end of the album; and that can only be thought as a sign of good music. Salon Seudun Sanomat- Henttonen

I sincerely hope that Sohjo by Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima ends up being played in a great many cd players. Aksentti- Terhi Kero

I really don't know exactly why - but the music of Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima fascinates me a lot. It is not easy to be classified, it is very catchy, there are several instrumental earwigs, it is inspiring and often unexpected things happen. The tunes are somehow nostalgic, but still in today's times. As I said it is unique music - and if you now still do not know, what music they are playing, go and buy 'Sohjo'! Christian Moll Read more at

Artist's Bio:
Pekka Lehti Although nowadays involved in projects of various persuasions, Pekka Lehti (b. 1965, Joensuu, Karelia) first entered the world of music by beginning to play the bass in a punk rock group. Twenty years later he would pay tribute to that seminal band, Outo Voima ("Unknown Force"), by naming his debut album after it.

But between these two watersheds of his career, Lehti's solemn bass stylings have been experienced in numerous situations both locally and globally. Kicking off his professional career at the tender age of 17, the brave bassman has ever since plunged into a dizzying array of settings from backing up singer/songwriters to sweating the night away with acid jazz combos to producing a special concert based on the music of Nino Rota and beyond.

The early nineties proved to be decisive for Lehti's musical future. In 1990 he co-founded the anarchist organ jazz trio The JP's, whose most recent offerings 'Do You See What I See (LOVE)' (1998) and 'Katastrof' (1999) have been quite successful both in and outside of the Finnish borders. In 1992 the bass player co-founded ZetaBoo, a critically acclaimed ethno-jazz group which tastefully fuses the ancient with the modern. The foursome's eponymous debut disc came out in 1997, and the sophomore effort 'MediZine' in 2001. In addition, ZetaBoo is the featured backing group on singer/actor Susanna Haavisto's 2002 album 'Kadonnut tie'.

These exciting own projects aside, Lehti's most widely recognized working environment in between 1992 and 2002 was the modernist folklore ensemble Värttinä. As an arranger, composer and all-around organizer he was a valued valued team player in the ranks of this vanguardian world music collective. Apart from performing on the albums 'Aitara' (1994), 'Kokko' (1996), 'Vihma' (1998), 'Ilmatar' (2000), and '6.12.' (2001), Lehti toured with Värttinä all over Europe, Asia and America.

Pekka Lehti, whose style echoes his studies with Swedish bass ace Anders Jormin, stepped to the fore in 2000 with 'Outo Voima'. This debut consists of duets with vocalists and instrumentalists with whom Lehti has crossed paths with during his long and winding career in music. With the goal of capturing Nordic inspiration at its purest, most of the album was recorded "on location" either in Lehti's living room or the collaborators' homes. This method contributed a certain sense of timeless magic to the peaceful and mature album, which was received very favourably by the media.

After leaving Värttinä behind after a full ten years of service, Lehti has continued participating in interesting projects both on and off stage. Befitting for a man who is inspired on the one hand by colorists such as Nino Rota, Charles Mingus, Charlie Haden, and Astor Piazzolla, and on the other on the indigenous folk music of his original home region of Karelia, he has lately taken the time to write music for motion pictures and other visual projects. Purely artistic endeavours aside, Lehti runs the independent record label Aito Records.

The man's latest project is his new touring and recording trio, which features the percussion art of Marko Timonen and kantele and harmonium skills of Jouko Kyhälä. Pure music aside, the live environment is enhanced by the lights, video and other visuals of Sökö Kaukoranta. This organic and intimate group made the headlines through its passionate appearance at the Helsinki festival in 2002. In order to keep the flame of tradition lit, its leader named the team Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima. The threesome's lovingly handcrafted debut album 'Sohjo' was released in March 2003.

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