Sabina Manetti - LibertÚ CreativitÚ FeminitÚ
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cd cover Sabina Manetti
Liberté Creativité Feminité (Materiali Sonori)

Tis recording presents this strong Italian jazz vocalist (singing in French on this recording) in a mix of roots and jazz, accompanied by a fairly straight-ahead (and rock solid) jazz ensemble of bass, drums, pianos, percussion, with accordion and violin. This is the first I have heard her, and she's a voice to reckon with.


  • 1. Chant d'initiation (trad. Africa centrale)
  • 2. Je ne regrette rien (Edith Piaf)
  • 3. La clocharde (trad. 1500)
  • 4. Chant de trobairix (1250 Condesa de Provenša)
  • 5. La chansos des vieux amants (Jacques Brel)
  • 6. La ligne de vie (Yves Duteil)
  • 7. Le grand Jacques (Jacques Brel)
  • 8. Hymne Ó l'amour (Edith Piaf)
  • 9. La fille du cresson (trad.1600)
  • 10. A quoi ša sert l'amour (Michel Emer)
  • 11. Preludio ad una tregua (Sergio Corbini) /Instant de treve (Yves Duteil)
  • 12. Mae-we (Sabina Manetti)
  • Sabina Manetti - voice
  • Emanuele Parrini - violin
  • Sergio Corbini - piano, fisarmonica (accordion)
  • Franco Ceccanti - guitar
  • Franco Nesti; bass
  • Riccardo Jenna; drums
  • Mario Manetti; percussion
The artist says:
Liberty, creativity, femininity! for past and future women
This project's intentions are to enhance the potential of women's energy in society, encouraging women to search for and increase their self-esteem thru an interior revolution.

Texts are in French to honour that country's revolutionary spirit against injustice, as well as being Sabina's original feminine stem of the family, coming from Honfleur in Normandie: a little village swormed by the creativity of many artists.

In modern Europe women are more or less reaching the power they deserve, but on the psychological level there is still a lot to be done. because of the many centuries of social and cultural conditioning.

Physical castration is still practised in some tribal cultures - in our western culture the castration, if not physical, it's nevertheless still there but hidden: women are cought in the dycotomy "witch" versus "goddess", between the Christian models of Mary and Magdalena, i.e the virgin and the whore and the dilemma still causes exhausting internal battles.

This is then the central theme in the music of this CD: swinging between shadow and light, peace and rebellion, in a noisy sea of alternating waves, between evocative landscapes of now and before.

Thus the message to women is:"ůfind again your sacred bodies, your eros, emotions and above all sensuality!"

Sabina, italo-francese, nasce a San Vincenzo sulla costa livornese in Toscana, dove vive e lavora. Si Ŕ formata attraverso basi pop-rock, e poi classiche, jazz e world music. In seguito approfondisce il suo rapporto con il canto attraverso anni di insegnamento e concerti. Infine, con la terapia psicologica ôgestaltö trova connessioni importanti tra voce, movimento del corpo, energia emotiva e guarigione. Nel 2000 fonda la Trib¨ Vocale Patchworld. Oggi Sabina promuove corsi e seminari di incoraggiamento alla espressivitÓ vocale e crea progetti di valore socio-culturale per un mondo pi¨ sano, integrato, e attento alle categorie pi¨ deboli.

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