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Prince Diabate - Djerelon
Drawing on the musical influences of the Malinke, Susu and Peulh people from Guinea, this album is traditional in spirit, with cool, modern overtones.

Balla Et Ses Balladins - Authenticité: The Syliphone Years
2 CD collection by one of Guinea's most interesting and influencial bands. Listen

Ba Cissoko - Seno
2009 release by Guinean kora player Ba Cissoko and his band. Born in Guinea Bissau, he moved to Guinea Conakry, eventually working with Kourou and Sékou Mbady, who now play bass, kora and electric kora in the ensemble. Hot, hard and defiantly modern. The Guardian writes "This third album takes a step back towards tradition, however. There are still bursts of sonic wizardry - wah wah kora, growling fuzz guitar - but the spirit of change is as much in the use of Latin, funk and reggae flavours."

Topic World Series - Healing Feasting and Magical Ritual: Papua New Guinea
Songs and dances of hunting, war, work, totemistic ritual, cannibalism, myth, initiation, courtship, rain-making, funerals, magical healing, shark catching and marathon feasting, recorded in remote coastal and inland villages in five far-flung regions of Papua New Guinea, to the north of Australia.

Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté - The Griot's Craft
Even as a teenager the strong, soaring voice of Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté was known throughout his region of north-eastern Guinea. Over the years he's presented himself in many different guises, joining Bembeya Jazz in the early eighties as lead vocal a notable mention, but each time Bambino has worked with integrity and art. Here he is stripped down to the bare minimum - which, in Guinea, means 15 musicians - but all acoustic, all beautifully sympathetic and all tight in support of the main event: Bambino's voice and his songs.Whether in praise of a patron or in condemnation of female circumcision, Bambino's voice and the uniquely rolling grooves and melancholy modes of Guinea demand that we listen. It's a command worth obeying. Listen

Ba Cissoko - Electric Griot Land
Guinean kora player Ba Cissoko and his band use age-old traditions to reach new musical heights. Born in 1967 in Guinea Bissau, he moved to Guinea Conakry in 1989, to work with M'bady Kouyaté, partriach of the Kouyaté clan, eventually working with the M'Bady 's sons, Kourou and Sékou, who now play bass, kora and electric kora in the ensemble. Hot, hard and defiantly modern, the ensemble ba Cissoko use the play on the old hendrix title to make their point, to show this music in in today while of yesterday. They have been experienced! Listen

Orchestres Nationaux and Federeaux - Authenticite - The Syliphone Years: 1965-1980
(price reduced) 2 CD set, with excellent packaging and notes, of classic, 'golden age' music from two of Guinea's finest ensembles, Orchestre Nationaux and Orchestre Federeaux, in recordings from 1965 to 1980

Mamadou Barry - Niyo
The Guinean musician plays tenor, alto and soprano sax, flute and percussion. A connoisseur of all the sub-region's rhythms and music styles, Barry is open to all musical trends. Niyo was recorded with some of Conakry's best musicians, all generations included, both modern and traditional with three of the finest female voices in Guinea. he merges rootsy tradition, Afrobeat energy and Manding melodies into his own sound. Listen

Les Amazones de Guinee - Wamato
(price reduced) Les Amazones de Guinée are a unique and quite amazing institution within African music. Since the early 60s they have criss-crossed the continent, with only occasional forays beyond, to help bring their particular brand of joy to the cause of women’s emancipation. Yet this is only their 2nd album, tight yet fluid, with the loping rhythms so particular to Guinea, bitter-sweet harmonies and vocals full of conviction. As the cry of “Retour en force des Amazones!” at the beginning of this album attests, these women demand to be heard. The Amazones are back with a vengeance. This is the gold-standard for female (or any other) bands in Africa and an enduring symbol of African women’s emancipation. Highly recommended

Sory Kandia Kouyate - La Voix De La Revolution (2 CD set)
(price reduced) Sory Kandia Kouyaté moved from the royal court of a local ruler to the urbane company of revolutionary artists and future politicians until in 1958, the year of Guinea's independence, his powerful, sonorous voice was at its peak. Here is where our story begins... This authoritative 2 CD album with 40-page booklet including rare, intimate photos never before seen outside his immediate circle charts both sides of his music, the contemporary and the traditional, to explain why today, almost four decades after his death, he is still the ultimate point of reference for all West African griots. Listen

Djessou Mory Kante - River Strings: Maninka Guitar
More than a decade and a half after his first international solo release, Djessou Mory Kanté returns with a collection of beautifully crafted instrumentals. Rooted in the Maninka traditions of Guinea and Mali, River Strings flows with rich melodic interchanges; like the Niger River which inspired these recordings. Younger brother of Les Ambassadeurs' guitarist Kanté Manfila and regular guitarist for such renowned singers as Salif Keïta and Sékouba Bambino, Djessou Mory Kanté's musicianship is gentle and understated and shows just why he is the guitarist to whom others turn. fRoots says: 'There are no vocals, no stunt guitar treatments, nothing to buttonhole the listener apart from the sense of all-rightness generated by faultless layers of guitar playing.' Cliff says: "the album is hitting many listeners, including me, like a gentle bolt of lightening. "

Bala Et Ses Balladins - Objectif Perfection
One of the national orchestras of Sekou Touré's Guinea, the band was on top of 1964 until 1980 when their last recording was made - aptly called objectif perfection - which is released in full on this CD. Plus four more tracks from around 1970, including two versions of sara.

Dallam-Dougou - New Destiny
A unique ensemble of African and European-American musicians, who merge the dougou (place) of west African with the dallam (melody) of Hungary to create a new musical sound completely imaginary and completely original.

various - Discopolis 5000
Another unique collection of tracks and collaborations made for Spain's Radio 3 includes Spanish performers Niña Pastori, Ana Belén and amp; Víctor Manuel, Celtas Cortos, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Rosana, Radio Tarifa, Os Diplomáticos, Enrique Morente, Pedro Iturralde, Uxía, Berrogüetto, Kepa Junquera, Cañamán and a long list of others in collaboration with who collaborate with artists and authors from other latitudes including Hijas del Sol (Equatorial Guinea), Djavan Gasparian (Armenia), Marcia Grifiths (Jamaica), Batuko Tabanka, Bela Fleck (US), Jacky Molard (Brittany) and Julio Pereira (Portugal).

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