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cd cover Majorstuen
Majorstuen (2L - Lindberg Lyd, Norway)

Norwegian fiddlers rule the world, and this CD is solid proof. This is vital stuff, brilliant performances, beautifully recorded and altogether essential listening for anyone with a love of the Nordic fiddle sound.

These recordings were all made live, recorded in a church near Oslo, so the ambiance of the performances and the aural space are really wonderful!


The musicians:

The record label says:
In between the worlds of folklore and classical, where pulsating energetic monody meets the polyphonic, polytonal and rhythmically intricate melody we encounter the Norwegian group “Majorstuen”. This young and creative ensemble succeeds in utilising the totality of artistic ingredients within the Norwegian musical heritage, thus producing breathtaking new perspectives. We get it all: From melancholic inspired fiddle-tunes, good-natured folk dance parodies to astonishingly pointed and vital new compositions.

Track listings and Windows Media Player samples (wma files)
4  vemod
5  bjørn, ulv og gaupe
6  rett vest
7  slør
8  zzz ...
9  fra elise
10 ja!
11 tøger
12 sorgens ø
13 salt i såret
14 havella
15 frenetisk

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